El Laboratorio is a 19th century photography studio
inside a cave in Sacromonte, Granada.

We are specialized in Wet Plate Collodion portraiture
a pioneering photographic process dating back to 1851.

We believe in photography as a physical object crafted with dedication and brought into the world to last.

If you ever wondered what photography was like in the 19th century here you might find the answers.

Each portrait session is a unique experience
in collaboration with you.

We work with large format cameras, original chemical recipes,
sunlight… and nothing more.

Early photography comes very close to alchemy.
You will be guided to witness the whole process in our cave darkroom.

A session takes about 2 hours.
Your portrait is guaranteed for 150 years.

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Tintype, Ambrotype, Black Ambrotype


0,7 mm Black Anodized Aluminum.
Ferrotypes (or tintypes) were made on thin iron plates.
They enjoyed their widest use during the 1860s and 1870s becoming the most popular way for portraiture work.
Ferrotypes came before the invention of paper photography, so it wasn’t strange to walk around with your own tintype portrait in your pocket.

10×12 cm

70 €

13×18 cm

90 €

18×24 cm

150 €


2 mm Clear Glass.
Introduced in the early 1850s, ambrotypes are made on clear glass plates.
When placed against a black background the image appears as a positive.
From the ancient Greek term «ambrotos», meaning immortal, often they were delivered to the client encapsuled in wooden boxes, guaranteeing an open ended life.

10×12 cm

80 €

13×18 cm

110 €

18×24 cm

170 €

Black Ambrotypes

3 mm Black Lacquered Glass.
The glass for the ambrotypes was often coated with a black lacquer (even with ruby color) to allow the image to be viewed as a positive.
Ask about our glossy black plates for an exclusive portrait.

1ox12 cm

90 €

13×18 cm

110 €

Prices include one plate.

For reservations call us at +34 630 644 676

You can give your friends or family an original present.
Surprise them with a visit into our cave for a portrait session.

Gift cards are valid for any kind of portrait session and redeemable up to three months after purchase.

Pay with PayPal, bank transfer, or pick them up in our cave!
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Photographers in the 19th century often had to travel with a portable darkroom to be able to work in the field.
Back in 1851, it used to be a horse-pulled wagon.

In the same manner, with our traveling photographic darkroom we offer the possibility of bringing wet plate magic anywhere you like.

Request more information for:

Celebrations, birthdays, weddings

Company meetings

Group portraits at specific venues or locations

Or simply book us for a very special portrait session in amazing scenery around Granada.

El Laboratorio runs different workshops on historical and chemical photography:

Pinhole Photography

25-26th January & 22-23th February 2020

(More info)

Wet Plate Introduction

19th January & 15-16th February

(More info)

Wet Plate Extended

24-27th of September 2020

(More info)

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You will find El Laboratorio at the heart of Sacromonte,
the popular gipsy district, root and soul of the flamenco in Granada.

Or visit our Instagram account and have a peek into our cave and the Sacromonte surroundings

Cómo llegar a El Laboratorio, estudio de fotografía química en el Sacromonte

(Google Maps).

Take the C2 minibus from Plaza Nueva (center).
Stop at «La Chumbera».

… or take a walk along the beautiful winding streets of Albayzin.

Camino del Sacromonte 87, Granada.
+34 958 967 079 / +34 630 644 676.